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The Factory today

         Today Moscow tea factory – a high tech production unit. The company has effective management and focused on a strong growth and gaining market position.

          Moscow tea factory is a manufacturer and distributor of tea brands ”TOT SAMIY”, “№36″, “so SLONOM”, “Nikitin”, “Ataman” and several others. Production is delivered in all federal districts of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

Currently Moscow tea factory – is:

 - Compliance with EU standards, and as a result, the stable high quality;

- A diversified range of products: brands in all price segments (economy, mass, premium);

- Direct purchases of bulk tea from the best plantations of Ceylon, India and China;

- Ability to work on individual orders, production festive assortment of private labels;

- The marketing policy is aimed at meeting the expectations of the final customer.

A passport to today’s success – is not only well-established relations with the best suppliers of tea from India, Ceylon and China, but first of all – Customer’s confidence due to the high quality of final products throughout the whole history of the factory.


111020, г.Москва, ул.Боровая, 3

Тел.:(495)360-00-10, www.moschay.ru

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