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Tea museum

           In 2011, in the walls of the Moscow Tea Factory only in Russia Tea Museum was opened, which contains unique exhibits of teas, on example of which the whole “tea” history from the period of the Russian Empire to modern Russia could be traced.

           The exhibits presented in the museum is inextricably linked with the history of the factory. For a long period of the factory activity nobody thought and aimed to create some sort of exhibition of the tea products or to open a museum of tea. Such an idea has arisen recently.

           In the process of Factory activity the samples of different tea belonging to different periods of the Factory were accumulating. The interesting samples of tea produced in India, China and other countries were keeping. At the end, it was decided to gradate a wide varieties of exhibits and create a museum of tea.

           Our museum is not intended to cover and show the history of tea production in all countries producing tea. Basically, the tea samples submitted to it tell us about the different stages of the development of tea industry in our country.

           Here, we briefly focus only on the individual exhibits, in our opinion the most interesting and rare.

           In this photo you can see some glass jars filled with tea – the first package of the “Caravan” Company, which was produced and sold in the Russian Empire in 1908 – over 100 years ago.

And here is the first packaging of tea of the young Soviet Republic.

           Production of tea products was debugged, gained momentum and had to meet the needs of the mass of the Soviet consumer. But the stock of tea accumulated before the October Revolution quickly ran out at the factory and established the new trade contacts with India and China to agree on a new supply of bulk tea was not so easy. Then the Soviet Government took a decision to start planting “their own” tea on the Soviet territory.

Russian scientists have found a place that is most suitable for this process. It was the West Georgia, Azerbaijan and Krasnodar Region. The Factory began to get a new home tea and started to produce the following packs.

           After the Great Patriotic War the Factory began to receive tea from India, that tea was considered as an elite. The presence of Indian tea with the Elephant trade mark at home at the family table was a sign of intelligence.

           Here is the first example of the well-known tea “so SLONOM”.

          Also there are the first tea bags in the Tea Museum made ​​in the 60’s of the last century specially for Aeroflot. There is also a tube of tea with sugar and lemon in the Museum.

           In addition to domestic products represented in the Museum there are some samples of tea of well known foreign companies – one of the first packets of tea produced in the beginning of the last century, the Brook Bond English Company.

           And this is the forgotten photos of brick or compressed tea.

           This type of “packaging” is suitable for shepherds, hunters and fishermen. This tea can’t be smashed and can’t get wet in the backpack and will enforce you having rest halt by campfire.

           Today the product range manufactured by the Moscow Tea Factory includes not only the famous tea “so SLONOM” but there are wide range of tea in tea bags, tea in pyramid, tea with natural berries and herbs. Following the tradition the Factory continue packing tea according to GOST 1938, which involves the use of only environmentally friendly materials.

           Here are some brands of tea produced by the factory today.

           Tea is still the most popular beverage in the country. And we are proud that Moscow Tea Factory contributed a lot to Russian tea drinking tradition.

           Visit our Tea Museum and learn more about the Tea that we all love.


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