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Quality control


          One of the important criteria of the activity of the Factory is to control the quality of final products. Specialists working at the Factory doing tasting and checking the quality of tea. They are called Tea tasters. They carry out sampling and tasting of the incoming to the factory bulk tea, making up various blends of tea, checking the quality of tea in the final product.

tea taster's language

          Tea taster is quite a rare profession. People working in the tea tasting laboratory usually have a truly encyclopedic memory for different types, varieties and flavors of tea. The taste, color and aroma of brewed beverage can help to determine not only the quality but also tell them where and when tea leaves were plucked.


          Moscow Tea Factory is an amazing world full of delicious revelations and interesting facts. Every day we receive dozens of email with completely different questions from journalists and ordinary customers. We are requested to explain the situation in the tea market, to tell the secrets of boundless love for “so SLONOM”; advise what tea is better to present as a gift, to teach how to brew tea, etc…

          Introducing the first interview with the tea taster of the Company – Liana G. Kupalba who is one of top ten tea tasters in Russia.  


          Liana Kupalba the tea taster of Moscow Tea Factory tells about the secrets of their activities, professional taboo and what is the “marriage” of tea.

          Liana Kupalba can tell you the amazing story of the birth of a fancy tea leaves she can decompose into components complicated shades of smells and tastes of tea and then create an original incomparable blend. She kept abreast of all the new products of tea, and could easily be called “the creator of taste” products of the Moscow Tea Factory. However, in the workbook her professional affiliation was listed as tea taster. 

          Tea Taster is a Quality Mark of the Company. 

- Liane G., what is the specifics of your exotic, for an unsophisticated person, profession?

- Laboratory is the tea taster’s patrimony and  its soul. My main task is to make the best possible blend from the available tea and also try to keep the quality and taste of the certain tea blend for over the years. Have you ever thought that, for example, tea, “The one” is always the same? But tea taster has a lot of sweat in the ever-changing factors – the price of bulk tea, the weather, different supplies – to maintain the stability of tea flavor, do not degrade the quality keeping the price.

- So It turns out that tea taster is more techniques than the creator? 

- There is no definite answer. If we talk about the beginning of the developing of a brand then it is definitely the creative process. A tea taster is to make a fine blend trying which you can enjoy appearance, liquor, taste and aroma of the tea.  I can dream up while making the blend  for new the “Zolotoy slon” brand or for the new line of product under the brand name “Nikitin”. If we take into consideration the classic teas produced by Moscow Tea Factory, they are immutable and so the process is more technical.

 - What does a bet on the stability of taste in the ever-changing aspects of life cost?

 - Variety never could never avoid classics. I know people who have been coming to the factory’s company store for many years to look for their favorite tea! For another thing despite the big variety of products I often see that  the majority of votes are given to the tea “The one” with a gray elephant on the package, even though this tea is one of very democratic price range.

 - How it is possible to keep the low price and high quality?

 Sometimes the quality of our final product is quite high compare to the stated price. And this is due to the good long term relations with our suppliers. By the way, they also understand that the presence of a good tea taster in the company is a sign of quality. Nobody would take a risk supplying tea of inferior quality.

 - Just to became a tea taster you need to spend years of training or to have inborn abilities?

 - In my case –it is training at the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture located in Sukhumi and a course of practice as a worker and taster. Under the first I mean the practical working at tea factory and by the second – the mystery of recognition of different tastes. There is a saying in my profession: if during the five years you have not tasted the tea you can not be called as tea taster.

- It is said that the perfumer’s nose should know by heart about 300 essential oils and 1.5 thousand synthetic fragrances. And what about the many flavors that are recognized by receptors of a tea taster?

 - It is not a mere chance that the people of these two professions is compared. It happens because a tea taster as well as a perfumer remembers hundreds of flavors and fragrances. 

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